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Respect for the environament has always been a priority for Vidriera del Cardoner.

Already in its beginnings, at the end of 60s, Vidriera del Cardoner began to apply diferent treatments  to its process water to purify it.

These different treatments culminated in 2002 with a physico-chemical treatment plant.

With this plant at the same time as purifies the process water, it transform its waste into different products destined to be reused in other industries.

In our desire to improve, the operation and the different purification processes applied are periodically reviewed so that they can be improved at all times and be up to date in the  environment protection, one of its most precious assets such as water. 

Fields of photovoltaic panels, mobile and fixed, has been also installed for us to generate the electrical energy. We are electricall eficient and we minimize the enveronmental impact of the industry, maximizing the circular economy. 

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