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Vidriera del Cardoner is a company which specialises in the manufacture of decorative and architectonic glass. Since 1969 our hard work and commitment have led us to our current prestigious position in the glass world.

Thanks to our experience we can offer a wide range of products: chemically etched, satin, engraved glass as well as vitrified enamel, all of which can be combined, thus increasing our scope for attractive, creative designs.


Thanks to our technically advanced installations and professional staff, at Vidriera del Cardoner we manufacture using different processes, suitable for all types of projects, be mass-produced or personalized, according to your needs.

Continuing to evolve, Vidriera del Cardoner is conscious of the environment and recognizes the importance of its conservation.


At Vidriera del Cardoner we believe in innovation and ongoing research to develop new and better products.

Our aim is to be an even more versatile, flexible company adapted to the market new demands.

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