Brill Glass Únic at new Casa de Cultura Blanca d'Anjou in Hospitalet de l'Infant _

The new Casa de Cultura Blanca d’Anjou in Hospitalet de l’Infant, inaugurated on November 11th, features a piece called Transparències, by the artist Lourdes Fisa.


We are in collaboration with the company Ramos Industria del Vidrio, from Madrid. _

We produce the decorative glass for this project exterior sides.


More than a frosted glass, Novomat is unique! _


It's stylish, high quality and easy to clean.


We collaborated in a singular Project. Gretta Gogó Restaurant _

The renowned restaurant Gretta Gogó was visited the last 6th October by the television program Soluciones Deco of Canal Plus.


New dealer store _

New dealer store in the downtown area of Madrid.


The product Solid Light is presented in the United States. _

In March this year representatives of Vidriera del Cardoner travelled to the United States to present the product Solid Light to our customers.


Open your space. Wide your light _

Vidriera del Cardoner's new designs, Esencia, Acqua glass and Mediterránea 


Unveiling of the new rose window at St. Mary’s church _

On 9th November last year the new rose window designed and handcrafted by the artist Nidia Esquius was inaugurated


Vidriera del Cardoner collaborated with the artist Lourdes Fisa. _

“This piece of work is not the same early in the morning as in the afternoon or at night. The glass is transformed with the shades of light. The work is alive and changing”.